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Jessops (Group) Limited is a British photographic retailing company. It was established in 1935, by Frank Jessop in Leicester, United Kingdom. The company controls Jessops Europe Limited, which in turn control JR Prop Limited (formally Jessops Retail Limited). At the end of the 2000s, the business struggled with insolvency and entered administration in January 2013. The company was rescued by entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE, who bought the assets and formed Jessops (Group) Limited, and related companies.

A former employee shared his/her experience working for Jessops on Indeed in February 2020:

"Old fashioned mentality pulls back any potential growth. Management is not capable of update their views about what a company, in 2020, needs to make a profit. There are no development plans for employees, they all focus on making money (without having a structured strategy)on Black Friday."


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"No structure, no inductions, no reviews, 1:1 or personal development plans for employees. Management is not monitored or prepared to support teams, the only target for everyone is Black Friday."

Former Employee - Warehouse Manager says

"Lack of Direction and Communication"

Current Employee - Finance says

"Blame culture, especially towards predecessors"

Former Employee - Part-time Sales Advisor says

"unrealistic KPI targets pressured, male dominated environment long quiet days sometimes resulting in no sales then a telling off from management"

Current Employee - Sales Expert says

"Terrible management both at store and national level. Minimum wage despite the fact all employees are expected to learn about every camera that is sold."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Too much pressure to sell warranties with ZERO incentive. My supervisor only got paid £1 more than me an hour, but has to manage shop by themselves as manager is rarely in store. Camera hardware sales are seen as meaningless unless you sell a warranty with it. Only chance of wage rise is if minimum wage goes up, regardless of how long you've been with company, and even if you hit your target each month. No sales training offered at monthly review even if you ask for it No wage increase even once you're fully lab trained (I wasn't but the lab manager worked on minimum wage) High turnover of staff, reviews were used to give staff warnings about their job."

Former Employee - Print Lab Technician says

"Low pay. Managers expect you to do the roles of a salaried job. Never any stock to sell. Horrible retail job. Contract is full to the brim with silly policies and clauses that trap you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no customers came to the store Under paid on my last month there was being watched by head office because the store was always empty because it was in a really bad place Manager would turn up when he wanted and pretend it was normal Was given managerial privileges like key holder and store opening yet was on minimum wage Manager would leave 2 hours early because "I had a car and he had to get the train home) Was told to cut piercing out my body because they did not like it THE COMPANY HAEMORAGES MONEY"

Current Employee - Sales Expert says

"This review was before the take over when the administrators came in and closed shop. Poor management, short staffed poor training, lots of stress and undue pressure. Work moral non existent."

Former Employee - Sales Expert says

"Poor leadership from Team Leaders and Store Managers - I worked across several different stores and there was big inconsistencies between management skills. Some took a very 'do as I say, not as I do' attitude."

Digital (Former Employee) says

"Management is not capable of update their views about what a company, in 2020, needs to make profit. There are no development plans for employees, they all focus on making money (without having a structured strategy)on Black Friday.Relaxed atmosphereNo training, No guidance, You are supposed to follow blindly dated ideas of reaching targets, Bad quality execution, Managers have no experience to recognise what’s good or not, No discounts on cameras or equipment, You get a discount only on prints or useless Jessops branded items like a Cleaning kit of £12."

Sales Expert (Former Employee) says

"didn't like this company worked there for a month before being fired out of no where no warnings. was treated like I didn't know anything and was followed constantly round the shop being judged for what I di or said.nonerude manager"

Sales Expert (Former Employee) says

"I can only hope others have a better experience at Jessops than I did. It started of great as I love photography, I got fired like I did something serious but it was due to issues that could of been improved on. I was fired inhumanly on the spot, and am now finding it difficult to remain confident looking for new jobs. 6 Months of underpaid work and thrown out with no support.colleagues with similar interestsHigh demanding, unrealistic targets, poor training"

team leader (Former Employee) says

"this company has gone bust now because i belive they lost the connection from the customer that walks into the stores and depended on the online customers more"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"not great not stable no great pay not worth the job wouldnt work there again, everyone left hard sales and no benefits or rewards just not worth the hassle"

sales expert (Current Employee) says

"In short Jessops has gone from a family company concerned with photography to one whose focus is solely on money. Employees, customers and photography take a side line whilst every penny is squeezed - causing over worked, under paid staff to jump ship and leave the company with no experience in the field. Management is a joke and benefits are non existent.everything"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"worked for Jessops for over 25 years and had good times but the way we were made redundant was not the way i expected it to happen with Peter Jones. VERY DISAPPOINTED"

Sales Expert (Former Employee) says

"Manager is very old fashioned, misogynistic and has 0 social skills. Team are good and supportive, fun to work with, but when manager is in shop, completely different atmosphere, uncomfortable. Rubbish pay and almost 0 benefits. Manager gave me no information about progression even although I asked several times. Also, an invisible and unreachable HR department. One which is really needed!Discounts on products, film etcBad pay, long hours, rude manager"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Low pay, not many hours and no work security as they close their shops at short notice not giving you time to find another job. Most of the people are nice to work with.Nice peopleLow pay, bad hours, close down stores a lot"

Sales Expert (Former Employee) says

"The manager at the Edinburgh branch is not suited for this position. Cutting employees hours, claiming they have some hidden agenda to sabotage your store, and treating them like necessary evil, because you have no basis to fire them, is not ok. Creates a toxic work environment. Fantastic team besides that, but the manager is petty, childish and by no means should be allowed to run a store."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working within the photographic and customer service industry. The training was regular and I learnt a lot. However management could of been more supportive.Working with fancy DLRSConstantly standing"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"some staff very rude, bullying happened a lot in the work place, management had favourites.only 45 min lunch, management not managing unruly staff"

SALES EXPERT / TEAM LEADER (Former Employee) says

"Regularly worked long shifts with overtime, sometimes forced. Had to travel to get any advancement opportunity, and little support once advanced. High expectations with little support or training.Long hours, unachievable expectations."

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Typical day involves talking to customers, managing staff, keeping up with emails, keeping team members positive to reach daily targets, while dealing with customer queries and givening them the right advice, some days are challenging than others but made enjoyable by team members.Discount on photography equipmentLong hours, salarie"

Laboratory Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overall running of lab Data entry, till systems, running small team Nothing to say about management"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Responsible for day to day running of team of sales people. Salary was standard minimum wage. Staffing levels sometimes very low, therefore had to double up on tasks, meaning one got neglected for other. Co workers very good. Senior management seemed detached from reality wanting more and more with less.Company went into administration with no warning with wholescale redundancygood staff and store managershort lunch breaks, lots of expected working in own time, company went into administration with whole company redundancy"

Customer Services Operator (Former Employee) says

"i did a weeks work experience at this place at 16. It was good i developed my skill set and was able to see what working life was like. They taught me how to speak to customers.greatdead shift"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"typical day at work cleaning display units generally preparing shop for the day I learnt a lot about customer service and how to deal with people. my co workers and I got on well and also learnt from them. Hardest part of the job was dealing with difficult customers and most enjoyable part was going out for drinks with co workers after work.dealing with difficult cutomerersworking with friends"

sales expert (Former Employee) says

"Jessops was a great company to work for. A typical day was to be on time get a summary of the weeks targets get individual daily and weekly targets. Unfortunatly the company went into administration in January. I made lots of friends who I see as close people who will remain in my life for a long, free condiments.administration"

Sales Expert (Former Employee) says

"Early morning start usually around 8.15 open the store accompanied by a team leader or manager. Make the shop floor ready for trading, sweeping, dusting, organising displays, checking security systems on all hardware. Once the doors are open my day would consist of serving customers to a high standard of customer service, using the printing and developing lab for all photo print orders and any photo gifts. counting stock and role plays to test whether you are following the sales process they had in place, The hardest part of the job was the constant targets which weren't just for sales. The best part of the job was working with a extremely knowledgeable team, and selling products that you have been trained on which i also had an outside of work passion for."

Customer says

"Same as everyone else really, Jessops have taken my money and not supplied the lens despite it apparently being in stock. No response from customer service. I appreciate we are in lockdown but dont advertise the goods as available for delivery if they are not"

Jago Saxton says

"This is a follow up review to my last, concerning the delivery of my Weebil S gimbal, that is apparently available to order. However, after frequently contacting the customer service team, I have had no luck. They take your money, with no intention of supplying the product. No reply for the customer service email, even after they asked me to email them when responding to my last review on trustpilot. There are no words, I’m so disappointed. If the product is so hard to supply, bleddy buy it from another online supplier and send it my way. At least then I’d get the product I ordered! Waste of time, I will never order form Jessops again."

Bruce says

"Quite hard to write this review, but I feel people have a right to know. Placed an order in September (Its now Jan) Got told two dates that this may be in for dispatch, but clearly not, and no communication to tell me this. I contact via phone and email to discuss, a few times each, but by email I go the standard template response: 'We are still awaiting stock for an item on your order. We are receiving new stock in frequently and when we do we will confirm this via email with a conformation email and tracking number. I do apologise about any inconvenience caused.' Not sure how frequently they get stock, but its been the case since September. My frustrations are not with the delay in sending, but the customer service received. 1. No communication, 2. No specific time line for delivery, 3. The very same templated response each time. I have asked Jessops to either remove this product from the website (Canon 250d with STM lense) or tell people the length of the wait, but this is ignored. While I write this, I am trying to claim a refund, and as I paid by PayPal this should be instant, but no, they are telling me it was by card, which is simply not true, and I have to wait even longer to get the money back. I would say avoid, but my advice is to go instore and see what they actually have (when you can)as the service in store is excellent."

Stanley G C says

"I had ordered a professional camera worth £ 2650. I had placed the order on Thursday, 7 January 2021. The money was debited from account on the same day. Since then, I have been trying to contact them on phone, email and also online chat. Other than an automatic email reply from a no-reply inbox, I am struggling to get some update from Jessops. Their website showed as the product was available hence, I placed the order. There are other providers who have promised delivery in 3 days, but I cannot place an order unless Jessops refund my money or gives us a delivery date which meets our requirement. But I am stuck because Jessops are neither confirming the delivery of the product nor refunding the amount if they are unable to supply. During the COVID situations, I have found online purchases have become more efficient and many responsible companies have streamlined process. I think Jessops should learn from companies like Amazon, Currys PC World, B&Q ... and try to learn from them on how to deal with customer orders during the COVID times. I have sent a third polite reminder to Jessops only asking for a response but not succeeded yet. To save you from disappointment avoid Jessops"

Stephen Griffiths says

"I ordered a new “In stock” lens from Jessops which was supposed to be with me in 5 days. Close to 2 weeks now and I haven’t even received a despatch notice. No customer service available due to Covid. We are all struggling through this but surely there should be someone in a company this size to answer the phone!! Terrible service all round and I’m annoyed that clearly the product is not in stock after all! Won’t be using them again."

masiek125 says

"Do not order nothing from them.. Worse service ever. Support can't even answer for the ticket."

Molly Southcombe says

"ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! NEVER ORDER FROM THEM! I ordered a camera from them on Cyber Monday (29th November), which said that it was in stock. I have only just now had to cancel this order, 2 months later, as I know it will never arrive! I called them and emailed them and the only response I could get is that they will keep me informed. One guy from Customer Services (James) was lovely and tried his best but no one could give answers because no one knew what was going on. I also ordered a Photobook from them as a Christmas present, and still have not received that either. They take your money but have no organization or intent to fulfil the order. I will be advising everyone in the future to not order from them, and I will definitely not use them again. They also write the prices wrong for products on their site so it looks like they're discounted when they're not, and they are probably not in stock too. Awful company."

Customer says

"Order still not received 35 days later Several emails unanswered Customer service over the phone just say it is on the way but been saying that since 20th December and we are now on 14th January"

JaJJ says

"The goods haven't arrived and have not been able to get an ETA despite calling and sending email. Just a simple update would be nice."

David Mcmillan says

"Ordered a camera in November 2020, it was showing as in stock and would be delivered in 5working days. Cancelled the order on the 10th January since jessops couldn't advise when it would be in stock and would be delivered. Complete waste of time, avoid this unprofessional outfit."

Philip Vernon says

"Bought a drone which wasn't in stock but their site said awaiting delivery, order possible. So I paid and waited, and waited. About 6 days later I messaged Jessops to see what was happening and I was told they've discontinued the drone and won't be getting anymore stock, so no drone for me. Yet they still happily took my money immediately and only refunded it after I contacted them... terrible service and business practice, definitely do not recommend."

Richard Jennings says

"Ordered a Canon 90D bundle with 18-135 lens back in April 2020 as item showing as awaiting stock - available to order (Came with a free Canon flaslhight also). Flashlight received promptly with 48 hours of ordering so can not fault them there however the same can not be said for the camera and lens. Sent several messages through social media enquiring about delivery dates for said camera in the next 9 months but given little as to when Jessops were even expecting stock. Looking at the site on and off suggests Jessops did have this in stock some of time but my order for one reason or another was never sent. Order finally cancelled earlier today as had enough of waiting with no communication as to when this will ever be received. Further annoyed with Jessops in that I had gone and purchased several accessories from other retailers on the basis may have been a circa 3 month wait (And on the basis I had the flashlight) but now unable to return any of them and now stuck with £170 worth of accessories I am in effect unable to use now. Never had issues with Jessops in store but this whole experience is more than a let down."

Ian W says

"Sold an item to me that they didn’t have (only informed of this when I contacted them about the order after 4 days). Dispatched the part of the order they did have very quickly. However this was no longer required so was sent back (at cost to Jessops). Took several messages to get the item ‘booked in’ on their system a month after it was returned and still waiting for the refund."

Graham Martin says

"Impossible to get hold of anyone in customer services. Over a week now since I tried to arrange a return of a faulty camera without a response (other than to my original review). A collection was arranged yesterday and no one showed up. Very frustrating." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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